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Siapakah sebenarnya aku ini? Aku hanyalah seorang hamba Allah yang merupakan pelakon tambahan di dalam dunia yang penuh pancaroba dan tipu helah ini. Berhasrat ingin menjelajah ke segenap pelusuh dunia mencari erti di sebalik kehidupan ini. Kerana dunia ini seluas mata memandang. Bagi aku dunia tidak besar, cuma kita saja yang kecil. Yang besar hanyalah Allah SWT saja.

A simple but imaginative and intuitive Cancerian living in thriving metropolis of Kuala Lumpur. He may look quite and shy but rather than timid, he was a thinker. Born and raised in an affluent neighborhood of Damansara but consider himself as an average and simple Malay dudes rather the high class typical Malay urbanites. Despite being born and schooled among the middle class section of the society, he has no problem mingling with those who came from the rural areas due to the fact that many of his relatives still lives in villages from the northern to southern parts of the Malay peninsular. He has spent five years of his life as a 'military brat' before his father retired when he was 6 year old. Once aspired to be a Filmmaker ( movie director and screenwriter) but never have a chanced to learn it instead ends-up taking IT course at a local college as a web developer. Still, his dream never dies and he kept looking at the world around him searching for his source of inspiration. His Facebook friend's may have knew him and his real name. In the blogosphere, He is known as SHACKLESMITH.

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