Monday, April 30, 2012

BERSIH Ker? Hakikatnya KOTOR Adalah!! Part 1

Inilah akibatnya kalau sesuatu perhimpunan di-hijack oleh ahli politikus. Perhimpunan HARAM BERSIH yang sepatutnya dikepalai oleh Ambiga dan Pak Samad namun akan tetapi akhirnya dieksploitasi secara membabi buta oleh dua ahli politik desperado iaitu Anwar Ibrahim dan Azmin Ali. Apabila sesuatu perhimpunan jalanan yang sepatutnya aman itu diambil alih oleh golongan yang mempunyai agenda peribadi tersendiri maka huru-haralah jadinya dek kerana mereka-mereka (sang politikus desperado) ini mengapi-apikan semangat dan emosi peserta demonstrasi jalanan berkenaan. Ikuti pandangan blogger non-partisan dan aktivis sosial Dr Rafick Khan mengenai pandangan peribadi beliau mengenai demonstrasi kelmarin.

The day BERSIH becomes dirty!

Since BERSIH 3.0 took place I have been talking to so many people and watch countless materials on YouTube. I felt I must state my position on the subject matter. This would include whether the event should take place and the happening of the event and the aftermath. One thing that is clear is that BERSIH has led a large trail of rubbish and destruction.

Should BERSIH 3.0 take place? As part of any peaceful gathering, I think it should have been allowed. The authorities approach in the initial days has been disappointing. They should have approved it and recommended several sites immediately and not at the 11thhour. Despite that, both parties should have exhausted all effort to ensure that a good outing takes place and both parties failed to do just that. It is the arrogance of both parties that led to such a simple thing being made complicated.  With 48 hours to go, the Stadium board and the authorities has offered Stadium Merdeka to be used. BERSIH rejection on the basis of inadequate time to inform the people is simply not acceptable. We lived in the era of mobile phones, tweeter, Internet, radio and television. It is never too late to ensure a peaceful gathering. If it has been agreed, than that all parties should have promoted the event at the stadium using all available channels.

Stadium Merdeka is an important historical landmark. It should have been used for such a historical event. Merdeka was first shouted in the Stadium by Tunku and not at the Dataran. The Union Jack flag was lowered at the Banda Hilir field in Melaka the night before. The Union Jack was lowered for the final time and the Malayan flag hoisted for the first time at midnight on August 31, 1957. The field use to be owned by a private club and the Sultan Abdul Samad building was the remnant of the British administration office.

A good event turns disastrous mainly because the political parties were involved. They should have been excluded. The following video showed how Anwar and Azmin had orchestrated the invasion of Dataran. I was appalled by what I saw. Despite his age, he has not shown maturity. Both are guilty. The authorities must make them accountable. BERSIH committee must take accountability of their action. They wanted the freedom to gathers; therefore they must face the consequences. They must do the right thing. BERSIH must apologies to the nation. The authorities must take action against people who attacked the police and damaged police and public properties. The police officers that had used excessive force should also face the music. Anwar and Azmin can deny  as much as they want but the video speaks volume.

Sumber : Dr Rafick Khan (Right 2 Write)

Shacklesmith : Secara peribadinya aku bersetuju dengan point-point yang dikemukakan beliau. Bagi anda pula, terpulanglah pada diri sendiri bagaimana hendak menilainya.

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