Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Malaysian Student Attacked And Robbed During London Riot's

A video showing a distressed and bleeding teenager having his bag ransacked by a group of youths during the London riots has attracted the ire of web users who have slammed the perpetrators as ‘scum’.

While the exact location of the incident isn’t clear, one YouTube user has identified it as Barking, east London, and the victim as 
Malaysian student, Asyraf Haziq.

Look for yourself, this is what gonna happen if riot's broke out in our country. To all outsider who tries to bring chaos to my lovely hometown please do that at your own kampung in the north or the east coast. That's a right place for you scum's to get martyred and earn your place in Heaven as promised by your Tok Guru.

Shacklesmith : Anak bangsa sendiri kena buli kat negara orang dalam bulan puasa ni lagi. Sape tak marah!


alyea said...

huhu..cian je tgok..cian dier..sob3..

Shacklesmith said...

bginilah dugaan klu blaja di negeri owg.. mcm2 yg disangke jadi :(

kdg2 tgk student yg dpt blaja oversea tu rasa envious la jgk.. tp ble pikir2 balik.. blaja dalam negara sendiri lg slamat n sng..

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