Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maluri Memories and What Really Nasi Lemak 2.0 Should Be!

Have you ever been to Taman Maluri?. I'm sure most you KL (and some outsider's) folk's might have ever heard of this very well-known place which are situated near Pudu, Pandan and Ampang. A not so influential high class area like Bangsar and Hartamas which i'm sure most of middle-class urbanites are very familiar with yet still this suburb is as bustling as ever. It is also the closest housing estates to Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangles. I bet the property prices of this area will be skyrocketed in the near future as it does on other nearby urban Klang Valley area. Plus, in term's of transport is isn't a big problem as they are many buses around. If you want to go to  KL Sentral then you may need to catch RapidKL B112 or LRT unless if you don't have your own transport (i.e automobile, motorcycles and etc.)

It houses a number of public schools, private schools and international ones. There are also two private colleges in this area where all student of various races from all part's of the country mingling together bringing the spirit of 1MALAYSIA!. Personally, this place hold a very special meaning to me. This is where me and my friend's would hanged out and finishing our assignment. Apart from that, we also enjoy surfing the internet using the wifi provided  by the mamak restaurant operator besides power-leeching their free of charges electric's supply to recharge our laptop!. Most my friend's here in this area came from other states outsides KL/Selangor such as Perak, Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Johore and as far as Sabah and Sarawak.

Being a 'budak Damansara' doesn't even cause me a problem to be friend's with them despite an age old perception that 'budak Damansara' is a rich type kid that will only blend with their own class. Nah, I'm sure that most people wont buy into that urban myth anymore. Besides, I remember one sweet girl from Petaling Jaya whom I consider to be my best friend for two year's. We would hangout with each other as if we have been friends for long time. I've even went out shopping with her in Times Square and some people looked at us as if we were couples. For year's I have thought that she was living in a terrace housing estates, once I went to her house for Hari Raya gathering last year and I found out that she was actually living in a small flat's in Kelana Jaya near the LRT depot (one of her house, her other residence is also a flat in Kampung Datok Haron). Still, that doesn't bother me at all, the only thing that I care is some guy whom I thought to be her cousin's but actually not (the son of her father's friend) who kept looking as if I was a 'dangerous threat' to him and some group of loud speaking and laughing dudes from Cheras who cause her not to pay much attention to me during the gathering. I don't care where she lives and which family type she came from, the only thing I hope for is to find future wife from nearby area. Therefore, I don't have to cross the long and tiring PLUS or East Coast Highway to reach my bride kampong for my wedding!. Yes, that was my intention during that time. Actually, I never really care much about it but the thing that matter the most is my parent's and sibling's. I don't want to give them a headache for the long journey.

She was responsible for breaking my tough Cancerian Hermit Crab shell three year ago (I was a terribly shy guy before and doesn't even dare to get near a girl) and I have to pay her with a ring on her finger as soon as possible!. But thing's doesn't go as it supposed to be. I 'lost contact' of her earlier this year and we have never met in colleges since then(we were from different school's of academic). I was very busy with my final project's and so does she. Even though she was on my Facebook friend list but still I can't chat with her because of the connection problem, her broadband alway's 'buat hal' (screw Maxis and Celcom for the damn service!). Care of giving her a call and messages?, yes I did once in a while but knowing that 'anak dara orang' is always a busy girl handling her nephew and nieces at home so therefore I don't want to disturb her much at all.  I do chat with her few day's before Hari Raya last month for several minutes before her broadband does the same problem again (dunno whether it's the Mamak WIFI or the crappy not worth subscribing USB modem).

If you are a frequent visitor's of Jusco then you might recognised an old Nyonya whom we student referred to as the big Towkay of Jusco. She is popularly known for her loud rambling and nagging in Chinese. It is to my surprise that Taman Maluri was also the workplace of "Crazy Kelly", notoriously known for wanting to walk incredibly  long distance for lunch. When talking about lunch, Taman Maluri was a food haven as much like other place in  KL does!. I miss their Pasar Malam Nasi Kerabu which I have never tasted again for more than two years since moving out from the Manor Flat's. The burger from the local Ramly stall's wasn't also bad at all. If your get bored with Kiblah naan bread than you can try other mamak's such as Amer Ehsan which very famous for their tasty fried chicken and tandoories. I do also enjoy the Nasi Lemak bungkus sold by the street hawker every morning. There are countless other food premises waiting for you to enjoy. But regarding of hygiene, one must not step that asides. I once stumbled upon a dead rat in front of a chinese restaurant after a heavy rain while walking home three year's ago!.

Talking about Nasi Lemak, we surely think of Namewee movie. The story features many cast from various race in the spirit of 1MALAYSIA!. But sometimes other than the so called diversity be ushered in the movie. We Malaysian might have taken something for granted. One must not forget cleanliness. I wonder if Namewee himself has a dirty mouth F'ing everywhere. Why don't he featured this as his Nasi Lemak?



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