Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Truth About Nasi Lemak 2.0

I found this cool article at someone else blog comment thread, the writer of this comment post does seem to have a good point regarding of this A-hole that goes by the name of Namewee amd his true intention. Even though the writer has never shared any of his personal information by dropping this article in the comment box as an 'Anonymous'. Yet, he manage to provide us with simple and informative article to be shared upon by us.

Namewee has once again shown his true colors through his latest youtube rant against Utusan. Who does he think he is? Just because he has made a movie that cost more than 1 million and garnered attention from his chauvinistic Chinese brethren and sistren, he again wants to attract controversy by publicly criticizing Utusan.

Utusan is well within its rights to voice its opinion. Its writer needs NOT watch a movie to make a comment on it, especially if the movie is made by an individual who has not shown proper regret for mocking his own country in the past, for the whole world to see. There is no rule that says a person must do something in order to judge it. I need not have homosexual sex to say I don't like it.

Just like how he rebukes Utusan in the stereotypical Chinese way to denounce perceived intellectual inferiority of people of other races, Namewee himself should ' pergi balik sekolah'. He must learn that no-holds-barred freedom of speech that is favored by him and the minorities , especially the vocal Chinese minority, must by tempered by civilised speech. Every civilised society practices this. Utusan has shown that it can send a message in a proper format --through an article that is written in rational and civilised language. They explain clearly why Namewee’s movie is NOT worth watching.

Civilised speech is clearly not in Namewee's repertoire. In the youtube video, Namewee exposes himself as the stereotypical ‘cina-pasar.’ He has not changed since his days in Taiwan. It is apparent to the astute observer that he indirectly attacks the Malay majority using his explosive and expletive-laced tirade directed at a historically important Malay institution.

Any intelligent Malay/Bumi person can see that Namewee is not sincere in his efforts to unite the Malaysian community. His movie is an exercise in self-promotion, and so is his Youtube rant . He can’t even enunciate his criticism against Utusan in proper Malay. That alone is the biggest insult! He should learn to speak properly the NATIONAL LANGUAGE!

I am sure if given the opportunity to rant in English, Namewee would have the same difficulty in expressing himself in a clear and civilized manner. 

This type of person only exists to ensure prosperity of himself or his community first. He is certainly more comfortable speaking his own Chinese language. Is he the sort of individual we want to represent Malaysia , regardless of race??

Many bigoted Chinese people like Namewee want their language and race to come out on top. But they will (mis)use another language when they want to promote their product or service. This explains Namewee’s poor use of the Malay language to rant against Utusan. He uses it to appeal to his base supporters, while insulting the Malays. It is no differnt when they mangle the English language to sell a low quality product or service to people of other races.

A person needs not watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 to know it is a farce. Namewee may market it as an attempt to bring Malaysians together, but we all know that he is using it to drive a wedge and make Malaysians feel further apart.

The Malays and Indians that Namewee hired are just token actors. He uses them to promote himself. Is this any different from any chauvinistic Chinese tycoon ? 

In his movie, he is the self-aggrandizing star. The marketing done by companies like Canon, which predominantly employs Chinese in top positions, feature him as the main attraction. No where is the ‘1Malaysia’ spirit of equality and fairness promoted. Instead, we see all over KL big billboards featuring Namewee using his fingers to fake a smile. Only in the background are the Malay and Indian actors. They are not important.

Let’s assess again what Namewee has achieved through this movie.

· -He has demoted once popular entertainment stars to second or third billing. These people include Adflin Shauki, Adibah Noor and David Arumugam. I pity those actors for falling for his tricks.
· -The Chinese business machinery has been strong in marketing the film, putting Namewee as the main attraction. This further cements their sense of superiority over others.
· -The Chinese political establishment along with their weak Malay/Indian lapdogs have swallowed hook, line and sinker the notion that Namewee is a ‘reformed’ individual who is worthy of the 1Malaysia effort
· -A movie that cost 1.5 million to produce has reportedly earned 4 million at the box office mainly due to its notoriety, even though many critics have panned it. They denounced the movie as simple, boring and amateurish. People who watched the movie effectively had their money wasted, if not stolen.
· -In the face of lack of interest from the Malay majority, Namewee rants on Youtube against a pro-Malay newspaper to garner more attention. Obviously, his goal is not to get Malays to watch the movie. His goal is to further inflame Malay disgust at chauvinistic Chinese, who enjoy feigning the role of 'victim' in Malaysian society. Effectively he is creating more hatred among the races!
· -He has manipulated and made Malay ministers appear foolish and weak for lending their support to his ‘film’
· His opposition cronies, especially DAP love that Namewee is now their symbol and figurehead. He is their poster child to show the world about the Malaysian Chinese fake 'victimhood' and '2nd class citizenship' . What rubbish!
If Namewee really wanted to criticise Utusan, why didn't he hold a press conference with the Chinese media or DAP? I am sure they would have accommodated him. Or why didn't he have the courage to face the Utusan writer in person and argue as a civilised human being why the article is incorrect.

Being a 'mass comm' major , which he boasted a couple of times in his Youtube rant, he should know the proper channels of conveying a message. Using the F word to express himself on youtube, even when bleeped out, is not acceptable in any civilised society. This is what spoilt emo teenagers do, before they commit suicide.

Shacklesmith : Please take note that i don't actually wrote this article. In fact I just copy and paste it, so it could be shared for the rest of us. Furthermore, I wont claim any credit's for posting the article as it was written by someone else. For Namewee ass-licker who has gotten a serious yet painful  butthurt you can drop any comment and you will be treated according to your manner. Be nice to me and will be nice to you back. If you try being rudely racist (i.e insulting my race and religion) to me and I will treat you the same although in a polite manner. Remember, I'm not here to be racist but to share some fact. Still can't accept it. Please get a life..

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